Digiprana is vital force (“prana”) in musical and human form:

a pulsating current of rock and electronic sounds in search of spiritual insight;

an interface using digital and analog instruments to

harmonize physical with metaphysical and infinite existence . . .


Digiprana first manifested in 2006 with original, tech house DJ mixes,

flowing through a network of FM radio, satellite and web channels,

reaching across North America to the Caribbean, Europe and beyond . . .


From 2006 to 2011, weekly radio broadcasts carried Digiprana to

national and international performances, creating a network of homegrown,

world-class talent featured in over thirty releases on Digiprana Records.

Monthly events with performances starring the label’s top artists

celebrated new sounds from the New York City nerve center.


In 2014, Digiprana remanifested after a three-year recess,

joining alternative rock band Spells and Curses.

As bassist, synthesist and DJ,

Digiprana blends rock with elements of electronic music

to create mystical sounds to be experienced . . .